Where is the camp located?
Crowders Ridge:
130 Camp Rotary Rd, Gastonia NC 28056
If you need to mail items to a camper, make sure to list their name and their church/group name on the package.
What is the total cost per person and what does it include?
This includes activities, room and board, camp materials, and a camp t-shirt.
When is the total cost due?
Deposit Deadline: Your $50 p/p deposit is due immediately to reserve your camp spots. Deposits are non-refundable. 
Final Balance Deadline: May 15th
Do we accept individual/day campers?

Unfortunately, we do not allow day campers or individual campers. Our program is designed for churches/groups. If you have a child who would like to attend camp, consider contacting us and we can try to get you in contact with a church in your area who is signed up to come to camp.

What is the age limit for camp?

6th – 12th grade

It is up to your discretion as to whether rising 6th graders or graduated 12th graders may attend. 

What if I need to drop or add spots?

You can add spots at any time, as long as they are available. If the week is full, we will put your group on the waitlist for additional spots. 

The deadline to drop spots is April 15th, all spots dropped after this date will need to be paid for in full. Your group/church is not allowed to drop more than 10 spots AT ANY TIME, please refer to Terms & Agreements for details. This is due to not being able to fill mass amounts of spots so close to camp.



Can I register without a deposit? Do I need names to register?
You can register, but your spots will not be reserved until the $50 p/p deposit is paid. Your spots could be forfeited if the week is full and another group pays their deposit before you. 
We will not need the names of your campers to register. All we need is a total number (including all leaders/chaperones and campers). 
When do I receive camp schedules, parent guides, etc?

We will send out our Parent Guide by the end of March. This allows us time to finalize our activities, schedules, and any other changes for camp.

What forms do my campers need?

We require every camper and leader to fill out a Medical and Participant Form. If a camper/leader has a food allergy, the Food Allergy Form will need to be filled out to notify our kitchen staff.

What are the accommodations like?

We have several different housing areas such as cabins, dorms, and bunkhouses. You will be placed in your housing area according to your Gender Breakdown. Bathrooms vary based on each housing area. You will need to bring your own linens to fit a twin size bed. We do have handicap housing areas available upon request. 

What is a Gender Breakdown and when is it due?

A Gender Breakdown is the number of male and female camper & leaders. This will help us place your group in the correct housing area. Gender breakdowns are due 4 weeks before camp starts and need to be emailed to If this is turned in late, you will receive a $100 late fee on your invoice. 

When will I know my housing assignments?

We will email you housing assignments one week before camp starts. 

What if someone in my group has special needs (physical disability, food allergy, etc)?

All of our meeting areas are handicap accessible. We do have handicap housing areas available upon request. If a camper has a food allergy, please have the camper’s parent or guardian fill out the Food Allergy Form.

How many chaperones/leaders do I need to bring and what are their responsibilities?
You will need to bring 1 chaperone/leader for every 8 students. This needs to be separate for both males and females. Their responsibilities are to make sure all campers are getting to where they need to be throughout the day. They are also there to help advise and counsel your campers with their daily walks with Christ. You must have at least one male and one female chaperone/leader if your group contains both genders.