This article is based off of Jay Oliver’s Ignite booklet for first-time believers.


Quiet Time is one of the most intimidating phrases to hear as a new believer. You don’t know where to start or what to even do during a quiet time.

The purpose of a quiet time is to grow closer in your relationship with Jesus. Not every quiet time is supposed to look the same, just as not everyone’s relationship with Jesus looks the same. Some people prefer to journal, some people prefer to read quietly and speak out loud. The idea of this post is to guide you in how to have a quiet time and what the idea behind it is.

In order to make the most of your time alone with God, here are six things to remember.


1. Find a quiet place. Hence the name, quiet time. When you are around noises, it makes it easier to get distracted. The best place to pick a quiet time is somewhere you can get a bit of privacy, like your bedroom or under a tree in your backyard. In the Bible, Jesus is often mentioned as taking time to find a bit of quiet privacy to grow closer to God, and it’s something that he himself encourages (Matthew 6:6). Imagine that you’re in a room with God and it’s just a time for you to talk to each other about whatever you want. Distractions will lead you away from that room, they will remove your total focus from God.

2. Focus. Speaking of focus, be sure not to have phones or anything that will distract you from the Word and from listening to God. Focusing on what other people are doing or what your friends may be texting you is a big distraction to quiet time. It’s okay to have a phone as a timer if needed, just be sure to put it farther away from you (like in another room) so you won’t be tempted to check it. Pets can also be distracting, so try to be in an area where your pet won’t come find you for attention. Isolate yourself and focus on what God is speaking to you.

3. Begin with Faith. Hebrews 11:6 says that it is impossible to please God when you lack faith. In a quiet time, you need to have faith in God and what He says in order to please Him. Have faith that He will comfort and guide you during this time. Have faith that this time will help you grow in your spiritual walk with Christ.

4. Pray. Prayer is such a key factor in a quiet time because that is how we talk to and listen for God.  Ask for help in understanding His Word, because He is there for you! Feel free to pray throughout the time and at the end as well; you can never pray too much. Some people use prayer journals to keep track of their prayers, and other prefer just to speak it out. Prayer isn’t always quiet either, sometimes giving praise and thanks and laying your trust in Him feels more real when spoken out loud. Don’t feel constricted to formal language in your prayers – God cares about what you care about! He knows the intention of your heart and an honest confession is much more desired than grand speech. Be sure to pray with an honest and humble heart; that builds a trust in your relationship with Christ.

5. Do. Probably the hardest part of time alone with God. We tend to have our time and then ignore and go back to our usual lives. Every encounter with God should lead us to action. Doing what God has called you to do is a big step of taking your quiet time seriously. Your quiet time should give you new perspectives and lead you to do something or tell someone. John 14:15 says that a sign of our love for Jesus is following his teachings. By following these teachings, He will guide you deeper into His plan and His will.

6. Memorize the Word of God. The Word is a powerful weapon to be used at any moment. When you keep the Word in your heart, it becomes easier to discern what God calls you to do. It is power and truth that breaks down even the toughest of lies and chains. Start with Scripture that is meaningful to you or is applicable to life. When in doubt, the Gospels are always a good place to start because they are the stories of Jesus’ life.


These tips are incredibly helpful to getting the most out of your time with God and truly seeing life change. Time alone with God can be scary at first, and it can be hard to stay on track. In order to truly make it work, you need to find space every day to seek time alone with God. Maybe it’s right when you wake up before you start your day. Maybe it’s just before you go to bed. Whatever it is, make it so that you can fully focus on God and what He is speaking into you. If you seek Christ, He will begin to work in your life and you will see a difference in a day spent with God and one without.