Summer Staff is a group of college-age students who serve for about two months during the summer in various positions around camp. Everyone, from tribal leaders to the creative team to our operations team, has certain skill sets that God uses everyday to change lives. Interns are high school age students who volunteer for a few weeks to serve in various roles around camp and are crucial to the small details. Summer Staff and Interns are both exceptional positions around camp and influence lives of leaders and campers. Here are nine reasons you should work at camp this summer.


  1. You get to see life change nearly every day. When you’re interacting with a different camp every week, you meet new people and hear new stories about their lives. You get the opportunity to pray over and love the groups that come through the camp, which sparks genuine and true life change.
  2. Be outdoors and live in God’s beauty for two months. Even if you hate working outside, there are positions for you. But the experience of getting to live where the stars are clearly showing and the trees stand tall and ancient is one like no other. God created this beauty and it’s a blessing to be able to wake up and experience it every single day.
  3. Build Christ-centered relationships. When you work at camp, you get close with the other staff members. Clothes, meals and stories are shared and bonds are formed. These are the people that you live with and, truthfully, can’t really escape for two months. But God leads these people to support and encourage you in so many different ways and they help hold you accountable.
  4. Accountability. Speaking of accountability, this camp does not give you the opportunity to do things that you would normally do. You can’t get caught in temptation, you have people to keep you on track with God. If you’re wanting a job where it will keep you away from what you know you shouldn’t be near, this is it.
  5. Serve as both a leader and a servant. You are on the fine line of these two experiences. You serve as a leader to these campers, sharing your story and giving them godly direction. But you also serve as a servant, giving up your time and energy for the summer to change the lives of people who don’t know Jesus. One minute you’re leading conversation about how God has changed your life, and the next you’re serving hot dogs to kids in the dining hall.
  6. Grow nearer to God by facing spiritual and emotional challenges. There will be things that happen in throughout the summer that will challenge you both emotionally and spiritually, but you will be led to grow nearer to God. He will guide you and support you in those trials and give you what you need to face them, even after summer ends.
  7. Hiking Crowders Mountain. There are some perks to living on a mountain for two months, and one of them is the ability to go hiking. In some of your free time, you have the chance to hike the mountain and experience the peace and stillness of God’s beauty and grace.
  8. Develop professional skill sets. Any summer job is going to give you professional skill sets, and working at Crowders is no different. The only difference is you will develop those skill sets centered in Christ. Things like organization, time management, leadership roles and flexibility are integrated into these roles and are helpful for future experiences.
  9. Get out of your comfort zone. Working at Crowders Ridge challenges you to get out of your comfort zone in relationships with people you don’t normally interact with. It challenges you to get outside your comfort zone in your faith by diving deeper and learning new things. Working here challenges you to deal with situations in new ways that help you grow as a person.


Crowders Ridge is a special place to spend your summer working. It’s a lot of dedication and a lot of hard work, but the reward at the end is sweeter.


“So let us not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9